Email from Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu

 This is from an e-mail from Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu regarding the immediate visibility of criticism on the web (and sites such as Wikipedia) in relation to his band. The above image was found in a Google image search from an online music site (I actually shot this photograph years ago on a Xiu Xiu tour – possibly Cape Cod?):

Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 4:10 AM

it is very difficult for me to deal with internet criticism. i do everything i can to avoid coming across it. the longer i work on music, the less secure i feel about it – and the fact that anyone can talk whatever shit they want and i might find it on accident makes me insane. for this current record i am more fastidious than ever about not looking on message boards or seeing reviews but by total chance i saw 2 that really bummed me out. despite the fact that i put forth a conscious effort not to examine our reviews for the sake of keeping my fragile self opinion intact, it seems impossible. i think the hard part for me is that a message board is a defacto review written by someone with no connection to journalistic responsibility that can be seen by anyone. with magazines one had to seek out a review but when someone, myself for instance, tries as hard as i can to avoid reading reviews and still comes across them, it is aggravating in the extreme to know that opinion about the band i play in being formed by unavoidable off handed and casual remarks. this is what bothers me about wikipedia as well. that facts can be determined but a public median bell curve rather than by disciplined research. again this steams from insecurity on my part but also from wishing that critques could be specialized rather than diffuse. even with bigger online music sites, because the content is infinite it leads to shit writing with little heart as there is so much space to fill.


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